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Perfect Spray Tanning

Moroccan spray tanning is the perfect alternative to a UV induced tan for those with very pale skin which can’t tan, or for those who need a golden tan quick!

Moroccan Tan, NelsonHow does it Work?

A fine mist is sprayed over the body, that mist contains ingredients that give you an instant glow as well as an ingredient called DHA that develops over a few hours into a golden tan. There are three shades to choose from – your tanning consultant will help you decide on the best one for you.

How Should I Prepare My Skin for a Spray Tan?

Your skin needs to be in optimal condition for a spray tan. It’s important that it is not dry or scaly anywhere, otherwise the mist will be absorbed too much in that area causing blotchiness. Exfoliate and moisturise every day for 3 days prior to your tan but don’t moisturise on the day of your tan. Avoid wearing deodorant or perfume and wear loose, dark clothing as some fabrics will stain.

How Long Does It Take?

It takes about 10 minutes to spray you and anywhere between three to eight hours for the tan to develop, depending on the type of solution we use and the shade you desire.

How Should I Look After My Spray Tan?

Don’t exercise immediately after application and don’t rub at your skin – even if you think it looks strange! On the following day it is important to look after it with a specific moisturiser and body wash, which will enhance the colour and prolong the life of the tan. Don’t swim in a chlorinated pool as the chemical will remove the tan instantly!

How Long Will it Last?

Your spray tan will last, if properly cared for anywhere from 4 to 10 days. It will come off gradually, faster in areas of high friction and patches can be removed with exfoliation of the area.

Is it Safe?

DHA is derived from plants and is completely safe on your skin.

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